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Millions Of People Are Affected By Pollution In Karachi

Experts Estimate That Millions Of People Are Affected By Pollution In Karachi

Environmental and health experts are calling on the government to cease the use of dual fuel across the country, install pollution monitors in Karachi, close down industries that are polluting, and dispose of waste in a scientifically sound manner.

Fines should be imposed severely on vehicles that emit smoke, and the city of Karachi should be unified, as it is currently divided between multiple agencies.

The experts also recommended against setting up industries in urban areas and instead suggested extensive tree planting in urban areas.

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At PMA House on Monday, a conversation took place between experts, Karachi Citizens Forum, and Pakistan Medical Association to address the issue of Karachi‘s deteriorating air quality and how to improve it.

According to Dr. Qaiser Sajjad

Dr. Qaiser Sajjad claims that Karachi‘s problems are not being fixed, but instead are worsening. Nargis Rehman has reported that the pollution in Karachi is steadily increasing, leading to the death of 128 thousand of people and causing a range of health issues, from blood and lung problems to those affecting unborn children. This pollution has serious effects, particularly on the disadvantaged, however, we can take steps to reduce it.

According to Sofia Hasnain

Sofia Hasnain claims that more than 50 air quality monitors have been installed across the country, with Peshawar deemed the most contaminated city and Karachi‘s air quality score at 20. He states that the main problem is the quality of the fuel, with construction following as the next leading cause of pollution.



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