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Pakistan’s Newspaper Content/Article Analysis July 2022

For July 2022, a content analysis of 12 major newspaper that included a total of 2835 opinion pieces/columns published by different columnists was done.

According to a Gallup Monthly Newspaper Content Analysis Research Study, “Politics,” “Economy,” “International,” and “Governance” were the primary topics of conversation in July 2022 in the mainstream media.

Out of the 12 Newspapers:

Daily Pakistan, Daily Express, Daily Jang, Daily Khabrain, and Nawa-i-Waqt were all Urdu newspapers.

The Express Tribune, Daily Times, Dawn, Pakistan Today, The Pakistan Observer, The Nation, and The News were all English newspapers.

Main Conversational Subjects:

Discussions on the economy, society, and politics gained precedence, with governance following closely after.

Sports and security received very little attention.

Pakistan's Newspaper Content Article Analysis July 2022

The 17 major issues that these opinion pieces/columns covered include “Politics,” “Security,” “Media,” “Law and Order,” “Economy,” “Governance,” “International,” “Social,” “Sports,” “Health,” “Education,” “Religion,” “Climate,” and “International.”

Criminality and terrorism “Energy Crisis,” “Miscellaneous,” and a brand-new category named “Science and Technology” are all included in this month’s edition.

With 44% of the opinion pieces published in July 2022 being about politics, the subject attracted a lot of interest.

The category “Economy” accounted for a sizeable 14% of the newspaper’s content, while “International” took up 6% of the space and “Social” claimed another 6%. Less than 1% of the articles were on “security,” “media,” “sports,” “science and technology,” and “crime and terrorism.”

Similar to how “Education,” “Law and Order,” and “Energy Crisis” only garnered 2% apiece, these topics attracted little attention. With 3% of the overall share, “Health” and “Religion” scored significantly better.

While “Governance” made up 5% of the share and the “Climate” category made up 4%.

Gallup Pakistan posted on twitter on 5th September 2022 about how Pakistan’s newspaper content based upon politics in comparison to Education and Technology.

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