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Pakistan’s government wants to increase exports to $57 billion by 2025

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce has announced a new five-year plan to increase exports to $57 billion by 2025. The government wants to boost exports to $57 billion, value-added textile and textile exports to $40 billion, leather exports to $1.384 billion, and rice exports to $3 billion under the new trade strategy.

The objective for food and beverage exports has been set at $1.53 billion, with a $1.36 billion aim for fruits and vegetables. The government also wants to boost surgical device exports to $810 million.

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18 sectors have been added to the priority list, which includes 7 traditional and 11 development sectors. A monitoring system has also been set up for the implementation of the trade policy.

The government has also formed the National Export Development Board under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The board includes members of the private sector as well.

The government has also decided to form an executive committee to implement the policy. The committee will be headed by trade and investment adviser. It will submit its report to the National Export Development Board.

Rs44.72 billion have been allocated for the implementation of the policy.



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