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Pakistani Actress Zara Albalushi Given Permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Pakistani Actress Zara Albalushi Given Permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia


Zara Albalushi, a famous Pakistani actress, has recently made headlines for being granted a permanent Iqama (residence permit) in Saudi Arabia. This is a significant event as it is rare for a foreign national to be given permanent residency in the Kingdom. In this article, we will explore the background of Zara Albalushi, the process of obtaining a permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia, and what this means for her career and personal life.

Background of Zara Albalushi

Zara Albalushi is a well-known Pakistani actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has acted in several Pakistani dramas and films and has a large following on social media. Born and raised in Pakistan, Zara Albalushi has always been passionate about working and pursued it as a career.

The Process of Obtaining a Permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Obtaining a permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia is long and rigorous. Applicants must meet several requirements, including proof of income, a clean criminal record, and a good reputation in the community. The applicant must also provide evidence of a solid and stable relationship with their sponsor in Saudi Arabia.

Once the applicant has met these requirements, they must undergo a thorough background check and a medical examination. After this, the applicant must wait for approval from the Ministry of Interior. The approval process can take several months, and the applicant must remain in Saudi Arabia.

What This Means for Zara Albalushi’s Career and Personal Life

This permanent Iqama means that Zara Albalushi can now live and work in Saudi Arabia without renewing her visa yearly. This will give her the freedom to pursue her acting career in the Kingdom and to travel freely in and out of the country.

Additionally, this will allow her to reside in Saudi Arabia permanently, and she will be able to enjoy the benefits of living in the Kingdom, such as access to quality healthcare and education. It will also allow her to be closer to her fans in the region, as she can now participate in events and promotions in the Middle East.

She had been acting in Saudi Arabia since 2009, now on attaining her PRC she told that she is Thankful for the trust and honor of granting her the prestigious and distinguished residency. Her happiness is beyond words yet she had lived and invested in Saudi Arabia and wishes to live and die here.



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