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Once again Saudi Arabia proposes mediation between Pakistan and India

ISLAMABAD: Again Saudi Arabia proposed to arbitrate among Pakistan and India that the route of conversation between arch-rivals should be focused on solving problems permanently.

During his first visit to the neighbouring country, Kingdom Foreign Minister Faisal Bin Farhan Al Saud spoke with an Indian newspaper, who stated that we are willing to give “good offices” to settle remaining issues between both parties.

He underlined that it is up to both nations to decide on the time for negotiations and emphasised the necessity for the conversation between the neighbouring countries.

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His remark does not, however, resemble the modified Indian government that has long objected to any outside party’s participation in settling the Kashmir conflict.

In addition, while speaking on that issue, the Saudi Minister noted that their first priority was stability in the war-torn country. “The international community’s worries about the security situation must be taken into consideration by the Taliban,” he added.

“The Taliban must exercise good judgement and excellent administration, be inclusive, bring all people to Afghanistan and build a way that may lead to stability, safety and prosperity,” said he. He said.

He spoke on the retaining of foreign help for the war-torn country and said it was primarily aimed at the welfare of Afghan residents, “our opinion is that the aid should continue and should not be influenced by such events.”



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