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On Oct 13th, 40 More Green Line Buses Will Arrive In Karachi

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said on Monday that another batch of 40 Green Line buses will arrive in Karachi on October 13.

Governor Imran Ismail told the reporters during a visit to Karachi’s fast transit Green Line bus project, “Hopefully the prime minister would launch the project within one and a half month.”

Governor Imran Ismail toured the Green Line route, as well as the development project and other concerns. “Today was our first time riding in a Green Bus,” he added.

Imran Ismail remarked, “The bus rapid transit project was formally inspected today.”

Governor Ismail stated, “The Green Line project reflects the prime minister’s affection for Karachi.”

It is worth noting that on September 19, the first batch of 40 Green Line buses arrived in Karachi from China.

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The buses for Karachi’s Green Line BRT include four doors, charging outlets, and specific accommodations for special people and ladies.

Asad Umar, the Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, had stated that the Green Line bus service will begin operations in Karachi in November of this year.

BRT proposal Green Line

The Green Line BRT project in Karachi comprises 25 stations and is 24 kilometres long, including 12.7 kilometres elevated, 10.9 kilometres at grade, and 422 metres underground.

At M.A Jinnah Road, there are two underpasses on the phase-II common corridor, which runs from Gurumandir to Municipal Park and is 2.5 kilometres long.

At the Numaish junction, a state-of-the-art underground bus station with parking and a commercial mezzanine level was also built.

The first phase of the project’s construction began in 2016.




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