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Two Non-Muslim Women Enter Prophet’s Masjid in Madina

2 Non-Muslim Women Entered Prophet’s Mosque Courtyard by Mistake

Two women, who were not Muslims, unintentionally entered the courtyard of the Prophet‘s Mosque in Madina, according to the General Presidency Agency for the Prophet‘s Mosque Affairs.

A narrative circulated widely on social media on Tuesday (7/17/1444 AH, 8th February 2023) involved two non-Muslim women entering the Prophet’s Mosque’s courtyards while dressed inappropriately for the holy place.

The Prophet‘s Mosque Agency took to Twitter to clarify that the entry had been an unintentional mistake. As will be made clear, they have a strong regard for the privacy and sanctity of the Prophet‘s Mosque, as well as the message it carries.

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The authority revealed that the two women comprehended the worker‘s orders and expressed their gratitude for the kind service they were given.

To make sure this does not occur again, the Agency of the Prophets Mosque has announced its goal to strengthen the educational and guidance systems and protocols that ensure the privacy and sacredness of the holy place.

The Saudi authorities have affirmed their commitment to upholding the privacy of the Prophet‘s Mosque and utilizing all available resources to support the comfort and security of worshippers, in accordance with the instructions of the leadership, in collaboration with the bodies governing the sacred site.



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