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No change in the lyrics of the national anthem, the musical composition: Spokes

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoIB) has rejected misleading claims circulating on social media regarding changes in the lyrics and musical composition of the national anthem.

“The original words and musical score will not be altered in any way.”
“The composition of Pakistan’s national anthem,” said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior in a press release.
He described the rumours as “baseless” and “fabricated” in that regard.

He stated that the national anthem would be re-recorded using the most sophisticated recording technology and a bigger number of voices.

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The Steering Committee, which met the other day with Senator (R) Javed Jabbar in the chair, unanimously resolved to ensure the highest international standards of orchestration and vocal rendering for the official re-recording of the National Anthem, which was first recorded in 1954, according to the news release.

To make the new official recording genuinely reflective and participatory of the whole federation, including religious beliefs, the Committee planned to collect a big choir of around 120 to 150 outstanding vocalists from all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, the Steering Committee for the Re-Recording of the National Anthem met for the fourth time at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi.

Among the committee’s members were renowned musicologists Arshad Mahmud, Rohail Hayat, and Nafees Ahmed, Director Productions, ISPR Brigadier Imran Naqvi, film sector leader Satish Anand, Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Shahera Shahid, Director General of the Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications Imrana Wazir, and other prominent figures from the creative arts and media.

In 1954, the first official recording was made, and it remains the sole official recording to this day. There have been dramatic developments in recording voices and music to give maximum clarity and tonal accuracy while employing digital technology during the last 67 years.

After considering the distinct quality of brass bands in the Pakistan Army, Air Force, and Navy, it was decided to make every effort to utilise and further enhance the locally available instrumental capability of musicians, while also exploring the options for recording only the instrumental version with orchestras from friendly overseas countries that have standing national orchestras.

Pakistani vocalists would do the vocal version fully. Despite having a wealth of musical talent, Pakistan lacks a permanent national orchestra, as do many other nations, including Muslim countries such as Turkey, as well as modern sound recording facilities.

Expressions of interest have already been requested from Pakistani film and video makers for the development of a new video with a runtime of one minute and 20 seconds and a new re-recorded sound version.

The Steering Committee emphasised the need of completing its work in time for Pakistan’s upcoming Independence Day celebrations. Aspects of preparation and production logistics, as well as their associated costs, were also thoroughly examined.

The Federal government informed the Steering Committee in June 2021, and it was later enlarged to guarantee maximum representation.



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