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Nepra Increases The Cost Of The Rs1.65 Electricity Unit For People With More Than 300 Units

ISLAMABAD: The national power regulator (NEPRA) approved another fuel adjustment for power producers on Monday, making one unit of electricity Rs1.65 more expensive for users who utilise more than 300 units each month.

The price increase will take effect on October bills, with one power unit costing Rs18.9 instead of Rs16.44, according to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).

Because nearly 80% of customers use more than 300 units per month, the collective burden faced by the people would be Rs90 billion as a result of this rise.

The electricity regulator announced another more costly adjustment after the increased revision of unit rates owing to fuel price adjustments last month ended on September 30.

This change, however, will not be shown in K Electric customers’ invoices.

The Karachi Chambers of Commerce boycotted the announcement of the power regulator’s public hearing to decide on electricity rates earlier this week, claiming that the choices are always predetermined to favour Karachi Electric.

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The KCCI business community claims that the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority organised these public hearings just to appease KE, and that the exercise is merely a rubber stamp event to legitimise the process.

Traders said that they had always made choices in advance, but only to deceive us by convincing these public huddles. We will boycott the Nepra public hearing on September 30th, according to the statement.



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