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Bringing Neighbors Together With Nescafe

Nescafe Builds Table Between Terraces to Help Neighbors Drink Coffee Together


In April 2016, the Italian-based coffee company Nescafe cleverly orchestrated an effort to bring neighbors together by building a table between two terraces in the Italian city of Turin. The table was designed to be a place for neighbors to meet and share a cup of coffee.

The Idea

The idea was to give neighbors a chance to come together and enjoy a cup of coffee without ever leaving their homes. Nescafe had a team of carpenters build a wooden table that spanned between two terraces to make it happen. The table included a coffee machine, cups, and a selection of snacks to enjoy.

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The Response

The Response to Nescafe’s effort was overwhelmingly positive. People from around the world praised the company for its effort to bring neighbors together, and many people shared their own stories of how they used the table to get to know their neighbors better.

Final Thoughts

Nescafe’s creative effort to bring neighbors together was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. The table between two terraces allowed people to get to know their neighbors and share a cup of coffee. It was an effort that showed how even the smallest of gestures could bring people closer together.


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