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National Logistics Cell receive TIR entry for international trade.

In a significant step towards regional connectivity, the International Transportation Union’s (NLC) National Logistics Committee has been awarded the Pakistan National Authority Committee of the International Transportation Union for Regional Transportation. The TIR entry allows the movement of cargo within the boundaries without any procedural barriers. The entry of vehicles under TIR is a missing link in Pakistan, which is considered important to boost international trade.

NLC plans to conduct TIR operations in Turkey and Azerbaijan soon and will be a major TIR operator for regional trade. The effort is aimed at boosting regional trade to help boost the country’s economic stability as a national goal. The initiative has great potential for the development of local industry in terms of creating new opportunities for the Pakistani business community in regional markets through low cost.

NLC will offer end-to-end logistics services to the business community avoiding lengthy and time-consuming processes involved in traditional trade through the sea. In the case of Turkey, for example, the supply chain/delivery shipment time will be reduced to 8-10 days as against sea mode which normally takes 27- 48 days.

Initially, transportation linkage will be established with Turkey and Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. Subsequently, transportation services under TIR will be extended to other countries in the region. NLC’s TIR operation will be instrumental in ensuring ease of doing business besides contributing towards Pakistan’s performance on the global Logistics Performance Index.

TIR operations will not only help boost Pakistan’s economy but will also enable landlocked countries in the region to have shorter access to international markets through Pakistani ports.



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