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Nasla Tower will be demolished with a controlled blast at a cost of Rs220 million

KARACHI: The municipal government is said to have sought Supreme Court orders to complete the destruction of Nasla Tower, after one business requested Rs220 million for controlled implosion while the other offered a free-of-charge service by mechanical means.

Commissioner Muhammed Iqbal Memon had filed a report to the apex court, according to well-placed sources, detailing the benefits and drawbacks of both the approaches presented by the two shortlisted businesses.

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He told the SC that no firm or authority had ever done a controlled implosion destruction of a structure in a city. He stated that a team of technical specialists was formed to review and evaluate the various firms’ expressions of interest.

The SC was informed that the committee recommended a firm, Hi-Tech Electronics and Machinery/DG Demolition, which offered demolition by implosion with all safety measures, seeking 60-day time for demolition and post-demolition work.

The commissioner’s report said the company had given a cost of Rs220m for demolition, including rights on debris and attached valuable material.

It said the building designs had been shared with the firm so that it could prepare a demolition plan.

It was also informed in the report that the committee had also recommended a firm, ANI Enterprises, for demolition of the building through conventional way i.e., with the assistance of machinery and manual labour.

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The SC was informed that the firm had given 90 days for the demolition and removal of debris from the site free of charge, claiming the debris inclusive of valuable material. Additionally, the company also offered to pay Rs15m in the government exchequer.

Besides, the SC was informed that the Sindh Building Control Authority had been directed to start pre-demolition work, removal of windows and fulfil other pre-demolition requirement at the earliest and give progress report on a daily basis.



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