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Monkeys Serve As Waiter In Japanese Restaurant

Monkeys serve as waiter in this Japanese restaurant! They get bananas as salary and soya bean as tip

In an attempt to bring in new customers and keep existing ones, restaurants work hard to come up with something special. A restaurant in Japan is taking this idea to the next level by enlisting monkeys to serve their customers.

The Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan is a traditionalstyle Japanese restaurant that has taken a unique approach to attract and retain customers Macaque monkeys serve as waiters. This came to owner Kaoru Otsuka‘s attention when he saw Fukuchan, an seventeenyearold monkey, deliver a napkin to a table unprompted. Seeing her mimic Yatchan, the original Macaque waiter, Otsuka decided to let her do the job. The precision of the monkeys in their role has resulted in people from all over the globe visiting the restaurant to be served by these animal waiters, leaving tips of soya beans as a reward.

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The monkeys working at this restaurant, wearing chequered waiters shirts and skirts, serve beer to customers and also perform menial tasks like bringing napkins. The report noted that even though they are prone to making mistakes, such as spilling a bowl of peas while running to a table, customers tend to overlook this. In fact, if they do a good job, they receive tips in the form of soya beans and are paid with bananas.



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