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Mastercard expands its Business Intelligence Platform for Financial Institutions

Mastercard Market Trends is an interactive business intelligence platform that brings together up-to-date payments data, consumer and industry insights

Karachi, February 2022 : Mastercard has announced the expansion of its new interactive business intelligence platform Mastercard Market Trends in the Middle East and Africa. The new platform provides a comprehensive view of payments insights, competitive intelligence and industry trends for banks and financial institutions across the world and now within the Middle East and Africa.

In the Middle East and Africa (MEA), the platform enables a comparison of over 300 cards from five key markets, access to market reports, analysis of global and regional leading fintechs and thought leadership on key payment industry and technology trends, such as Open Banking and Blockchain. Mastercard Market Trends provides a simple, curated view of reliable research – all in one place.

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“Access to relevant insights, data, and analytics to inform smart decisions is critical to business success. Mastercard Market Trends offers a one-stop shop for financial institutions to access key information, which will allow for better decision-making and results. The platform brings together the latest market, industry and consumer insights, enabling financial institutions to really understand their customers and confidently embrace the constant evolution in how people shop and pay,” said Dimitrios Dosis, President, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mastercard.

Mastercard Market Trends includes five key features:

Market Assessment

Card Comparison

Consumer Researchtrends

New Payment Experience

Industry Insight:


This platform is the latest offering from Mastercard Data & Services and is available now for issuers and acquirers across the Middle East and Africa by accessing the Mastercard Market Trends website via with their Mastercard Connect credentials.

Mastercard Market Trends, after a successful launch in Europe, the Americas and Asia, is slated to see further expansion through 2022.



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