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Maryam Nawaz Passport Return Request Refused

Justice Anwar-ul-Haq Pannu, a member of the two-member bench, refused to hear Maryam Nawaz passport return request in the Lahore High Court.

According to the details, the Lahore High Court heard the request for the return of Maryam Nawaz’s passport, the member of the two-member bench, Justice Anwar-ul-Haq Pannu, excused himself from the hearing, the court sent the file to the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court.

A two-member bench headed by Justice Ali Baqer Najafi heard the petition, during which the petitioner’s lawyer said in his position that the reference of Chaudhry Sugar Mill has not been filed yet.

It should be noted that Maryam Nawaz withdrew her application from the Lahore High Court after the refusal of three judges and the dissolution of three benches.

A bench consisting of Haques was supposed to hear Maryam Nawaz Passport return case, but Justice Anwar Haques refused and excused himself from hearing.

Yesterday, after four months, she has filed another application which was heard by Justice Ali Baqir Najafi and Justice Anwar.


Vice-President of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Maryam Nawaz has petitioned the Lahore High Court (LHC) to get her passport returned.
It is important to note that when the court granted Maryam bail in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case, Nawaz Sharif’s daughter turned in her passport.
Details indicate that Maryam Nawaz has petitioned the Lahore High Court (LHC) to have her passport returned.
The PML-N vice president stated in the appeal that her passport had been in judicial custody for the last four years.
“Till now, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has failed to submit challan in Chaudhry Sugar Mill case,” the petition stated, pointing out that the court granted bail to PML-N leader on merit.
Additionally, she said that no one should be denied a basic right for an extended length of time and urged the LHC to direct the deputy registrar to restore her passport, which she had relinquished in compliance with the order on October 31, 2019.




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