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MAP Corporate Excellence Award 2021 is given to Indus Motor

Indus Motor Company (IMC) received the Best Corporate Excellence Award in the Automobile Assembler Category at the 36th Corporate Excellence Awards 2021 event presented by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) in Karachi. Mr.Ibrar Khan, IMCs General Manager, accepted the award from the Chief Guest, Mr.Shabbar Zaidi, former Chairman of the FBR.

During 2020, the awards acknowledged firms that demonstrated exceptional success while displaying modern management techniques. For the sixth time since 2010, IMC has received the Best in Sectoral Corporate Excellence Award, as well as the prestigious Overall Industrial Corporate Excellence Award four times.

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The Awards were judged in four stages: (a) shortlisting based on dividend distributions over the previous three years, (b) extensive financial analysis, (c) management practises review, and (d) management interviews. A impartial third-party consultant was appointed by MAP to conduct the award review and collect the results.

IMC Chief Executive, Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali, said, “We are thrilled to have received the award again and thank MAP for its confidence vested in us.Over five decades, MAP has played an important role in helping companies gain corporate excellence. For us, theToyota Way has been instrumental in this crowning accomplishment. Excellence is more than a set of year-end results, it’s a journey of prevailing attitude.”




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