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Mahira Khan gets criticized the performance of “Ek Hai Nigar”

Mahira Khan’s biopic on Nigar Johar is strong for women who are burning for the love of their nation. The expert, who traces the life and career of Pakistan’s first lieutenant general, bravely shows how she is a woman of steel.

The second teaser of the telefilm came out on Friday, where viewers can see a Varna star talking about finding a place for women in the military.

After Mahira Khan’s portrayal of Nigar Johar made it to social media, users have objected to the casting of the star in a show about the life of Pakistan’s first female Lieutenant General.

Many have claimed actors like Areeba Habib or Sanam Baloch could have fit the bill better, especially since Johar is body positive and body positivity should not be replaced like it’s something to shy away from. Others feel it is extremely insensitive to cast someone on the basis of their appearance and stardom, when they don’t even speak in the same dialect as the character, in this case, a real person, or look even remotely similar.

Ek Hai Nigar has been penned down by Umera Ahmad and directed by Adnan Sarwar. It has been produced under the banner of Nina Kashif and Mahira Khan’s production company Sulfur Films. Khan’s Superstar co-actor Bilal Ashraf is also playing a pivotal role in the drama serial.

Johar, on the other hand, is a recipient of the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Military) and Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal Awards too, for her meritorious services in Army Medical Corps from the Prime Minister.



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