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Likee brings your favourite people closer with the ‘Friends’ feature

Karachi, 29 December, 2021: Likee, a leading global short video platform with headquarters in Singapore, has announced the launch of its new “Friends” feature for users across Pakistan. Users have a chance to win a motorcycle or a huge cash prize by completing tasks and collecting points. Likee users around Pakistan have grown accustomed to the social network’s regular stream of new trends and challenges that encourage healthy competition and inspire creativity, while also offering real-world rewards for good performance.

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The new ‘Friends’ feature can be found at the bottom left of the homepage and it allows users to pick and choose their audiences, fortifying the sense of community within the growing social network. By completing tasks like inviting new or active users, scanning codes to add friends, and giving KiKi eggs to friends, users can collect Heart Points. Each new Heart Point earns users the choices between 1 KiKi egg or a Likee gift, which can be a CD70 motorcycle or some Likee goodies various from hoodies to canvas bags. Friends can also combine 5 different eggs to create a KiKi bank, and once the KiKi bank is complete, they get the chance to share the prize in a value totaling up to 8 lakhs.

Likee has designed its new ‘Friends’ feature to allow users to create their very own, private online space to share a slice of life with the people of their choice. Simply scanning a QR code from a friend’s screen or even uploading a photo of the code from the gallery allows users to quickly add new friends. Not only can users now share exclusive content with their desired list of friends, but also fully customize their videos with a range of effects and filters that truly let the creative juices flow. Users can take part in the event for a chance to win exciting cash prizes, Likee merchandise, and a CD70 motorcycle, until 6pm, December 30th, 2021.

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“We, at Likee, are always exploring new avenues in the ongoing evolution of mobile entertainment, and for that reason, the app’s immediate and immense popularity in Pakistan comes as no surprise,” said a spokesperson from Likee. “We want to encourage Likee users to fully allow their creativity to take control, knowing that their content is only reaching the right people. With “Friends”, we aim to create a sense of community and allow each individual user to be able to fully customize their Likee experience and be who they are, for who they choose.”

Like has quickly become a global online video production phenomenon after its launch in 2017, and was ranked No. 1 in App Annie’s 2019 report. Just last year, Likee ranked 4th in global downloads, according to Sensor Tower.



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