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The price of a KIA Sorento has been reduced

The price of a KIA Sorento has been reduced

For KIA, the new year proved to be a lucky charm. The business has sold 50,000 cars and is celebrating by offering a limited-time discount on its 7-seater SUV, the KIA Sorento.

Customers at KIA Lucky Motors are grateful for their assistance in helping the firm reach this uncommon milestone. The firm wishes to share the joy with everyone with this price cut.

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Prices for the new KIA Sorento

KIA has cut the price of the Sorento 3.5 FWD by 7 lacs and 4 thousand rupees as part of a limited-time promotion. This variant’s new pricing is Rs. 7,499,000, which is lower than the previous rate of Rs. 8,203,000.

The company has reduced the price of Sorento 2.4 AWD by 3 lacs and 13 thousand rupees. The new price of this variant is also Rs. 7,499,000 against the old rate of Rs. 7,812,000.

Strange how the company has brought both variants to the same price tag even though one is a 3.5-litre Front Wheel Drive (FWD) and the other is a 2.4-litre All Wheel Drive (AWD).

50,000+ car sales is definitely a big achievement for KIA. The company should be celebrating success by all means. But they are trying to sell their least popular product in the name of a limited time offer for buyers. If KIA really wanted to share the joy with people, they should’ve reduced the price of all or at least one of the popular cars. What’s the use of offering a discount on a product that nobody wants?

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Sorento is the slowest-selling car of the KIA lineup, so much so that the company is now offering the two variants at the same price to get the units out there. 

Would you buy the KIA Sorento at new prices? If yes, which one? Would the tactic work with others? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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