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Kaghan Valley Got The Tourism Back After Disastrous Floods

After the Kaghan Highway was repaired, which had been damaged by the recent floods, tourism in the Kaghan Valley has resumed.

Both domestic and foreign tourists are drawn to the picturesque valley by its waterfalls and springs, expansive meadows, azure lakes, and ice-covered mountain peaks.

Following the disastrous floods that in some places devastated the area’s roads and other infrastructure, tourism in the area has all but ceased. Since the roadway has been repaired, local tourism is gradually getting back to normal.

To pique travellers interest in the upcoming fall season, the Naran Hotels Association has also implemented discounts on lodging and meals. The reductions include a 50% off accommodation reservation discount and a 25% off dining and Jeep rental discount.

Seth Matiullah, president of the Hotel Association, stated earlier this week that the introduction of the discounts was done in an effort to revive local tourism and lessen the strain brought on by the flooding.

He remarked, “We are concerned by the destruction in the wake of the recent floods in Swat and everywhere in the rest of the country,” during a news conference on Monday in Naran.

As an act of goodwill, we ask individuals to travel to Kaghan Valley to aid in their recovery from the trauma. The Kaghan Valley is conducting business as normal, much as it did before to the country’s floods.

Additionally, the National Highway Authority (NHA) confirmed that its equipment is constantly on the road and that it gave top priority to maintaining the road open and functional despite the recent rains and floods.


Naran Hotels Association Announces 30% Discount




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