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Irfan Junejo of Pakistan is featured on YouTube.

On Instagram, YouTube praised vlogger Irfan Junejo for his outstanding video work. The caption read, “Head to Irfan Junejo’s channel to explore inside his cinematic realm.” YouTube’s official Instagram account pays tribute to its most well-known stars from across the world.

Junejo has two YouTube accounts, Irfan Junejo and Junejo 2.0. The main account has more then 1.13 million followers, while the other has around 350,000.

Irfan Junejo is known for his creative cinematic videos. He has been making travel volgs, reaction videos and tech reviews.

In February 2020, Junejo took a break from making videos, saying vlogs are no longer the focus of his life. After the 17-month break, he made a comeback video, The Resurgence, talking about his mental health. “I secretly used to cry in the bathroom so that nobody gets to know about it,” he said.

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