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Iqra University Girls’ Karate Team Secures Third Position In Hec All Pakistan Inter University Women Karate Championship


 Karachi – Iqra University (IU) girls’ Karate team has won two silver and one bronze medal in the HEC all Pakistan Inter University Women Karate Championship. The Championship was held on 1st and 2nd October at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University in Quetta.

Manager Sports Iqra University, Muhammad Shahid Faqir, lauded the participants’ efforts, stating that the girls underwent rigorous training sessions and practiced tirelessly for the competition. The University facilitated them by providing state-of-the-art sports facilities, helping the team achieve their dream.

“It’s an incredible feeling, to have achieved this milestone. We are extremely proud of the remarkable efforts our team has put in and their hard work has truly paid off. Iqra University provided proper training and facilities which enabled us to not only participate but also come out victorious in the championship. The girls’ team has a lot of potential, and with further training we will surely secure the first position next time,” said Shahid Faqir, Manager Sports, Iqra University.

The Kata competition comprises of individual and team matches. The Individual Kata match consists of competition between individual participants from separate male and female divisions. Team matches consist of competition between three-person teams.

In the HEC all Pakistan Inter University Women Karate Championship, Sairash Tassdiq won a silver medal and Ayesha Furqan won a bronze medal in the Individual Kata Girls. In Team Kata, Umna Mirza, Ayesha Furqan, and Sairish Tassdiq from Iqra University won a silver medal.

Dr Wasim Qazi, Vice-Chancellor of Iqra University, congratulated Iqra University Girls’ Karate team and their coach, Naeem ul Rehman, on scoring third position in the Intervarsity Sports Championship. He praised the team, their coach, and sport manager’s dedication and efforts.

“We congratulate our dear students and their coach Mr. Naeem ul Rehman, who provided excellent training. It’s always a pleasure to know that our students are achieving their dreams and benefiting from the sports facilities offered at Iqra University,” said Dr Wasim Qazi, Vice-Chancellor of Iqra University.



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