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Indus Motor has launched a campaign to avoid childhood blindness

Indus Motor Company (IMC) vowed to fight childhood blindness in Pakistan on World Sight Day this year. In December 2021, IMC and Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital (AIEH) signed an MoU at the company’s headquarters in Port Qasim, formally establishing the partnership. The paper was signed by Ali Asghar Jamali, the company’s CEO, and Dr Abdul Fatah Memon, the AIEH’s Director.

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The Childhood Blindness Prevention Program, which is part of IMC’s Neighboring Community Uplifting Program, aims to reduce the risk of blindness and visual impairment among school-aged and out-of-school children from low-income families who live in nearby villages sponsored by the firm.

The free vision screening camps, will be setup at The Citizens Foundation schools, where children fromthese villagesstudyunder IMCs Toyota Goth Education Program. For out of school children, camps will be setupat the villages.Post screening, children with refractive error will be provided free spectacles and medicines wherever needed, whilst patients requiring further treatment/surgery will be referred to AIEH.

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Commenting on the partnership, IMC Chief Executive, Ali Asghar Jamali, expressed, “Vision is one very important blessing of the Almighty. Three quarters of all blindness can be prevented or treated during childhood which if not addressedtimely, can have adverse effectsfor the poor, especiallyin Pakistan. The two exciting aspects of this collaboration with AIEH, is capacity building and more importantly, creating awareness of childhood vision impairment, which will have far reaching results in the communities.”



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