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In Pakistan, the charity Healthy Smiles begins its damage reduction efforts

At a recent ceremony at a posh hotel in Karachi, Healthy Smiles, a locally registered and owned nonprofit focused on public health system initiatives, launched their website, Prominent members of the local and federal administrations, international delegations, activists, public health specialists, healthcare professionals, and media representatives attended the event.

Healthy Smiles is a breath of fresh air after multiple campaigns on Oral Cancer Awareness and the Negative Effects of Tobacco Use, concentrating on public health measures by reducing the tobacco-associated health burden in Pakistan via innovative efforts connected to Harm Reduction and Smoking Cessation.

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The Healthy Smiles spokesperson said that consistent and concerted efforts are required to create a nation-wide narrative towards healthy behaviors through mobilization of civil and civic frameworks. All stakeholders, generally, are actively participating in creating 360 degree public health systems to benefit the general public and constant monitoring & evaluation can help us in identifying effective strategies for a significant impact.

Various attendees lauded the efforts of this organization in bringing about an initiative that will positively impact the lives of the general public.



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