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In November of this year, the Pakistani auto sector sold 23,863 vehicles, up 32% year on year

Due to the year-end seasonality impact, overall industry sales on November 21 were 23,863 units (+32 percent YoY) compared to 26,847 units in October 21 (-11 percent MoM). There were 15,351 passenger automobiles sold, up 29% year over year but down 12% month over month. 3,363 LCVs (-6 percent MoM/+28 percent YoY), 492 trucks (+12% MoM/+93 percent YoY), and 4,617 tractors (-14 percent MoM/+43 percent YoY) are among the other vehicles sold.

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5MFY22 total industry sales increased by 55 percent year over year to 133,101 units, including 90,312 passenger cars (+62 percent year over year), 18,317 light commercial vehicles (+79 percent year over year), 2,272 trucks (+67 percent year over year), and 22,003 tractors (+19 percent year over year). Volumes in 5MFY22 are at an all-time high, with the industry benefiting from the low interest rate environment in 1QFY22, as well as FY22 budgetary initiatives.

Contrary to previous months, the growth was led by HCAR with 3,010 units (+13%MoM/+35%YoY) following the resumption of operations whereas other OEMs depicted a decline owing to the seasonality factor. The volumes of PSMC declined by 17%MoM to 8,522 units (+25%YoY) and the volumes of INDU declined 8%MoM but remained in line with 6-month average at 6,315 units (+28%YoY).

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· Displacement wise, the 800cc segment has been hit the hardest, declining 41%MoM but grew 10%YoY basis to 3,609 units. Similarly, the 1,300cc+ premium segment declined 6%MoM to stand at 8,102 units (+30%YoY). On the flipside, 1,000cc segment swelled by 38%MoM/52%YoY to stand at 3,640 units.



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