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In his latest music video, Hasan Raheem portrays a gun-wielding robber

On Monday, Hasan Raheem, Pakistan’s most popular indie artist, released a music video for his current tune Sun Le Na. The song includes Abdullah Kasumbi, a frequent collaborator of Raheem’s, while the music video stars Raheem and poet Adeel Afzal.

Raheem’s distinctive gentle vocals are featured on the single, which has a groove that’s suited for Spotify’s “chill” playlists. Kasumbi produced and mixed the song, which also features Mustafa Khan on guitars.

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Written and directed by Kamil Chima of Laal Kabootar fame, the music video follows Raheem as a thief, breaking and entering into the house of Afzal’s wealthy character in search of a ring the former has been eyeing since childhood.

The video opens with Afzal’s character turning over a ring in his hand, with a (presumably) younger version of Raheem’s character secretly watching. Cutting to the present day, Afzal can be seen enjoying dinner with his wealthy guests, with Raheem, clad in his signature vest, crashing the party while wielding a gun. What follows is a bloody showdown filled with semi-believable injuries and a tragic end.

Raheem will also be featured on Coke Studio 14, with the singer sharing his first look from the show on Instagram with the caption, “It was a dream”. He was also part of Spotify’s top 20 most streamed artists of the past year, along with hip-hop duo Young Stunners and Asim Azhar.

The singer came into the big picture with mainstream music after his hit track, Paisa, a noteworthy collaboration with Young Stunners, became the talk of the town. It was after the success of the song that the youngster really came to terms with fame. Raheem’s trademark laid-back vibe in the music videos really did the trick for many as well.

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“I released Paisa and Joona in quick succession. Both of these tracks were out within a week and it just boomed out henceforth. I didn’t realise the impact it had for the first three-four months. It didn’t really hit me that it is really happening!” he shared in an earlier conversation. “Not just Paisa, even Joona was picking up at the same pace. Everyone was making and sending me videos like the ones I had filmed for the songs. That just gives you a big boost of self-confidence.”



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