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In December, nine export categories grew by double digits

ISLAMABAD: According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday, nine export-oriented industries, including value-added textiles, had double-digit growth in December compared to the same month a year ago.

The rise in overall exports from the industries was aided by growth in the value-added sectors. The rupee’s highest-ever devaluation versus the dollar, as well as increased demand from the foreign market, are driving this surge.

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The upward trend was seen for the past few consecutive months. In December, the total export proceeds from the country went up by 16.7 per cent to $2.761 billion from $2.366bn over the same period last year.

Exports of men’s garments products were up by 26pc to $459 million in December against $363m over the last year, followed by a 17pc increase in cotton fabric to $189m against $161m last year. An increase of 55pc in jerseys and cardigans exports to $80m was noted against $52m over the corresponding month last year.

Exports of women’s garments increased by 13pc to $84m in December against $74m over the corresponding month of last year, followed by 46pc hike in export of T-shirts to $66m against $45m over the last year and a rise of 11pc in cotton yarn to $107m against $96m.

An increase of 2pc was noted in exports of home textiles to $385m against $377m and 5pc hike in exports of rice to $242m against $232m. The exports of fish and fish products posted a growth of 64pc to $46m in December against $28m over the last year, followed by an increase of 70pc in exports of plastics to $36m against $21m and 45pc in exports of cement to $28m against $19m.

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The exports of fruits and vegetables dropped by 19pc to $97m from $119m and surgical instruments fell by 3pc to $36m against $37m.

According to the data, the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands remained the top destinations of Pakistan’s exports in November from a year ago.



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