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Imran Khan Responds On His Audio Leak

I Havent Even Started Playing Yet – Iman Khan On Audio Leak:

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan broke his silence on the audio leak on Wednesday, stating he had not yet played on the cypher.

The PTI chairman made these comments to media after an audio recording of his purported chat with his then-principal secretary Azam Khan went viral, igniting a new scandal around the US conspiracy.

When asked who did it, he replied Shahbaz Sharif released the recording.

“While it’s great that the audio was leaked, I believe the cypher should have been leaked as well.” So that everyone may see how massive that international scheme was.”

Imran Khan stated that he has not yet played over it and would do so when it is revealed.


According To The Audio Leak Between Imran Khan And Azam Khan:

Imran Khan can be heard telling Azam Khan on the released recording that they should toy with the cypher problem without using the name of the United States.

“Let’s play with it,” Imran Khan reportedly remarked in the audio leak, prompting Azam Khan to urge that they have a meeting on the US border to record it.

The PTI has defended the leaked exchange, claiming that it supports its claim that the cypher was not shared with Imran Khan.

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