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Humayun Saeed is mocked by Adnan Siddiqui for always getting the female

Adnan Siddiqui and his comedy appear to be the focus of 2022, with the actor nonchalantly amusing everyone in his path. He recently poked fun at fellow actor and buddy Humayun Saeed after unwittingly becoming the first meme of the year.

Siddiqui ranted about Saeed’s always-getting-the-girl hero in a scene from the 2015 film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, despite the latter being the one who makes the female protagonists swoon at first sight. Siddiqui joked that his new year’s resolution is to acquire a part in which he plays the hero and Saeed just appears in a snapshot or painting.

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The clip was of a scene where Saeed, a lawyer, is questioning a man who has changed drastically after marriage. The scene gets comical when the man shows photos of him and his then-fiancé from before the wedding, as the judge roasts the man on his appearance. The photos are revealed to feature a younger version of Siddiqui.

The Mom star captioned the post,”What do you have against me, Humayun Saeed? You always walk away with the girl irrespective that I wooed her better than you, you get to mouth the best dialogues, even thrash me in my office, get seetis [whistles] for that and now this?! Kyun bhai [Why, brother]? Why did you reduce me to a mere photograph?”

If you didn’t get the reference, the 2019 drama Meray Paas Tum Ho featured both actors where Siddiqui has an extra-marital affair with Ayeza Khan’s character before she returns to her husband, Saeed again.

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Continuing with the same zeal, he added, “All I wish for in 2022 is that you produce a film where I’m the lead actor and you are there as a painting or photograph on the wall. Ah! The thought itself is so delightful.”

The comment section was filled with remarks from fellow celebrities. The Crown actor understood the humour intended and sent love and laughter to Siddiqui.



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