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How Samsung Trolled Apple Over Launch Of New iPhone14

Today, the much-anticipated brand Apple will introduce its newest model, the iPhone14. People are eager to learn every little detail about the device, but Samsung, a competitor in the smartphone market, has already teased potential purchasers of the iPhone14 with a new advertisement.

The slogan of the advertisement, “Buckle Up,” is intended to highlight the benefits of purchasing a Samsung smartphone over competing models.

The ad in question flaunts two phones from the Samsung camp- Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Both these models are priced at around $1000, similar to iPhone14.

Also, the ad places special emphasis on Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP main camera along with the SuperZoom feature. This model is touted to have the highest resolution camera in any smartphone and the Korean giant claimed that “it is not coming to any iPhone near you”

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It also highlights the Z Flip4’s distinct appearance, thereby making it certain that there is enough competition for the new iPhone.

Not only this, even on social media Samsung has been taking a dig on the competitor.

Samsung has always proved to be competitive with newer models being launched regularly, backed with tremendous hardware and apps. It is also speculated that though the Galaxy s22 Ultra may not be as uber-looking as its counterparts, it still continues to remain hit-selling even after months of being launched.

Apple has unveiled its iPhone 14 line-up on with four new smartphone models – iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.



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