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Hifazah forms arrangement with Pak-Qatar General Takaful (PQGTL), a brand of Hifazah Technologies Private Limited (HTPL), and Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited (PQGTL) have signed an agreement to market Takaful products through the digital media.

Along with top executives from both organisations, Muhammad Raza (Head of Operations, PQGTL) and Mr. Aboo Baker Mohammedi (Founder and CEO, HTPL) inked the agreement.

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While expressing his views at the signing ceremony, Mr. Saqib Zeeshan (DCEO, PQGTL) said, “We are delighted to sign agreement with Hifazah Technologies Private Limited as this will benefit customers from choosing Shariah compliant Takaful coverage with ease and upon competitive rates. On the other hand, this partnership will further enhance our reach and help us spread awareness about Takaful products to the masses accessing digital platforms.”

Aboo Baker during the signing ceremony commented: “Hifazah was created with a vision to enable the public to opt for Takaful (An Alternate to Conventional Insurance) coverage with confidence, transparency and ease through technology. This platform aims to increase penetration of Takaful via strategic partnerships and vertical diversification, and to make the customer journey convenient.” He further said that he is quite hopeful that this new strategic partnership will bring fruitful results in near future.



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