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Hey Siri – Pakistan Fans Found Hira Mani Voice Familiar

Hey Siri !! Pakistan’s leading actress Hira Mani BBC Interview accent is positively mocked by netizens by comparing it with Apple’s virtual assistant Siri Voice.

Hira Mani, took to Instagram on Friday to share a few photos from her stay at the BBC Asian Network.

The star released recordings of some of her replies from the interview she conducted while posting images with the presenter and her spouse.



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“It’s incredibly unusual for someone to give an interview in Urdu at the BBC Asian Network, but I was one of the fortunate ones to be allowed to accomplish this!” she captioned her slideshow of a post. Many thanks!” She continued by thanking Mani for giving her the confidence to do so, saying, “Ye confidence Mani tumhara diya hua hai, thankyou.” Forever.”

Hira has previously played in Wembley Arena in London as part of the Jashan-e-Azaadi festival on August 14.

While she looked to be very excited, the crowd did not share her excitement.

Hira tried unsuccessfully to convince the audience to sing along with her in an embarrassing incident that went viral on social media.

Hira’s reaction to the presenter about why she prefers to communicate in Urdu went viral on social media, but not for what she said, but for how she said it.

After admiring the presenter’s Urdu accent, the actor proceeded to talk in English with an accent before returning to her home tongue.

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“I really want to speak in English,” she continued, “but you know I have a fan following, a lot, in my nation, in Asian you know, I’m Asian.”

Many have since been roasting the celebrity on Twitter.

A user shared the video or Hira Mani writing, “This new Siri update sounds amazing.”

Another one tweeted:




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