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Hamid Choi Made History By Translating Quran Into Korean

After being the first native Korean Muslim to completely translate the Quran from Arabic to Korean, Dr. Hamid Choi Yong Kil created history.

The intricate endeavour, which took around seven years to complete, will now allow Korean Muslims to read the sacred book in their own language.

This is crucial because it removes the linguistic and semantic barriers that many Korean-Muslims and non-Muslims have when learning about Islam.

It may be quite challenging to communicate the precise meanings of the Quran through translation applications since many individuals encounter misconceptions as a result of straight translations.

The announcement coincides with a gradual increase in the Muslim population in South Korea.

The religious community has grown significantly over the past ten years despite the fact that it is still a minority in the nation, thanks to tourism and conversion.

The Korean Muslim Federation estimates that there are presently around 200,000 Muslims in the country, which is only 0.38 percent of the total population.

The majority are immigrants from Turkey, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan who came to Korea as students and employees and have since applied for Korean citizenship.

However, as more Muslim tourists visit popular tourist destinations around South Korea in the internet era, more South Koreans are becoming interested in Islam.

However, many Koreans will no longer have this issue owing to Dr. Hamid Choi (Korean Quran Translator)

He reportedly attended the Islamic University of Madinah, where the founder, Samahatusy Shaykh Abdul Aziz was “extremely pleased with him, notably the depth of his education and moral integrity,” according to media news portal.

Dr. Hamid Choi (Korean Quran Translator) is not only a translator but also a lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at a South Korean university.

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