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Govt Dropped Yet Another Petrol Bomb – August 2022 Prices

Coalition Govt has increased petrol prices yet once again in the end of August and start of September 2022 amid flood situation in Pakistan.
Increased Prices Change Effective From 1st September 2022 of Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene & Light diesel.
Petrol by PKR 2.07 to PKR 235.98 per litre,
Diesel by PKR 2.99 to PKR 247.43 per litre,
Kerosene by PKR 10.92 to PKR 210.32 per litre,
Light diesel by PKR 9.79 to PKR 201.54 per litre.

According to a statement from the finance ministry, the government had taken into account suggestions to adjust petroleum prices somewhat in order to reflect changes in worldwide pricing as well as currency rate fluctuations.

The ministry added that the petroleum levy has been reduced to a minimum to help customers.

The transportation and agricultural industries both make extensive use of high-speed diesel.
The cost of goods is projected to rise because of the nation’s growing inflation and frequent flooding.
Therefore, the rise of high-speed diesel immediately affects the public and has a greater inflationary effect.

Personal transportation vehicles run on Petrol. Despite being an alternative fuel, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has been sold at all CNG stations in place of compressed natural gas (CNG).

There is a scarcity at CNG stations as well since Pakistan has not made arrangements for LNG imports. The general people is now without access to any alternate fuel sources.

In distant parts of Pakistan, such as in the north, where liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is not readily available for cooking, kerosene oil is frequently utilized.

In isolated regions of the nation, the Pakistani Army also makes use of kerosene oil.

The significant price increase will intensify the inflationary strain on the underprivileged who used it for cooking.


If price falls in the global market, the PM will immediately reduce the price of petrol – Said Maryam Nawaz

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