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Generation of power in Pakistan increased by 10.8% during 8MCY21

Power generation increased by 9.9 percent in the first quarter of August to 16,078 GWh (21,610 MW), compared with 14,630 GWh in the first quarter of August 20. Higher generations of FO, Nuclear, Wind, Bagasse, Solar and Hydel are showing the increase in production.

Hydel (Share: 35%), RLNG (Share: 18%), Coal (Share: 14%), Nuclear (Share: 10%), FO (Share: 10%), Gas (Share: 8%), Wind (Share: 3%) and Solar were the main contributors to the Aug 21 programme (Share: 0.4 percent ).

The month included electricity generation based on Nuclear, Bagasse, Solar and Hydel increased 105% YoY, 100% YoY, 77% YoY, 20% YoY, 12% YoY and 2% YoY. However, the generation based on HSD, Coal, Gas or RLNG decreased by 80% YoY, 9% YoY, 6% YoY and 5% YY.

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The costs of fuel for generating electricity jumped by 57 percent YE to PKR 6.41/KWh during August 21 largely owing to increases for production costs in RLNG, coal, FO and gas. However, the generation of hydropower, solar and wind was greater than previous month.

Fuel costs increased by 57% YoY in August 21

The increase in the cost of fuel for August 21 by 57 percent YoY has been driven by:

RLNG’s cost of production grew by 91% to PKR 13.44/KWh, as RLNG pricing climbed by 103% to 2,174/mmbtu.

Due to the 143 percent increase in the price of coal, coal based generated cost increased by 50% YoY up to PKR 9.06/KWh during August 21.



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