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For business customers, PTCL has launched cutting-edge cyber security services

To safeguard its business and financial clients from cyber-attacks, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced new cyber security services based on its cutting-edge Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC-based services will strengthen digital security by erecting a barrier between clients’ data, digital assets, and infrastructure and a variety of cyber security threats.

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PTCL’s cyber security services, which are an industry first, are the newest addition to the company’s portfolio and are built on the industry’s top performing ‘integrated’ cyber security platform with a rich ecosystem.

The system enables consistent and reliable security across the extended digital attack surfaces including applications, code, ports, servers and websites, as well as unauthorized system access points. To provide end-to-end protection, PTCL is offering seamless interoperability, complete visibility, and granular control for hybrid deployments including hardware, software, and X-as-a-Service across networks, endpoints, and Clouds.

Commenting on the development, Group Chief Information Officer (GCIO), PTCL & Ufone, Saad Muzaffar Waraich, said, “Cyber security is becoming a major strategic priority for organizations in the present-day and our corporate customers depend on our secure and robust services. PTCL Group continues to innovate and modernize its cyber security offerings to live up to their expectations. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) based cyber security services create an impregnable defensive wall around the digital infrastructure to ensure that our customers’ operations and services work seamlessly. We endeavor to stay ahead of the evolving threats and challenges in the cyber world.”

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PTCL developed the Security Operations Center (SOC) to manage and monitor customer infrastructure and services in a managed services model. The platform safeguards their digital assets, data, services and products against cyber threats and also significantly helps reduce their spending on their cyber security infrastructure and its associated operational overheads.



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