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Fly With PIA Or May Be Not

PIA Flight From Rahim Yar Khan To Karachi

PIA (great people to fly with) only if they don’t get delayed or canceled at the last minute, PIA customer review.

Flight from Rahim Yar khan on 22nd Feb to Karachi has been canceled, and passengers left with no other option but to look for other means of transport.

Geniuses at PIA offered an alternative flight from Multan, which is not only after three days but also just 265 kilometers away from Rahim Yar khan, with no compensation or transportation offered by the PIA.

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Wonder why PIA operates three flights a week from Rahim Yar khan? People are asking. Why not have one confirmed flight and cut expenditure and the heartache caused to the passengers?

Do the management at PIA understand the meaning of URGENCY at all? People started complaining.



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