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Firdous Jamal discusses his disputed statement on Mahira

Firdous Jamal discusses his disputed statement on Mahira, he is a popular Pakistani television, stage, and film actor. He began his career in Hindko drama and has since become a well-known person in Pakistan’s media industry.

He appeared in more than 300 TV-plays, 150 plays, 200 playoffs and 50 films. His play Manchalay Ka Sauda is a masterpiece. His Pyarey Afzal play is a milestone for his contemporary popularity. When he made remarks about actress Mahira Khan, the actor became embroiled in a debate. In this dispute, the industry witnessed a divide.

Recently, when asked by the anchor Sheik Qasim if he altered his thinking or whether they were identical with Mahira, he spoke again about his disagreement with Mahira Khan.

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He responded, “What thoughts? He talked about it. She ought to do characterising, I did not say anything wrong, I stated she must perform character roles. I mentioned today that she doesn’t match this condition, who’s a protagonist, a little and small girl who performs entertaining things, dances and sing, is alive, looks young and innocent,

She should do character role, not mother or aunt, but a nice wife, a decent sister, a social worker. “It should do a lot of character roles.” Fearful, he said.

He further said “For us, the heroine is a youthful girl, who is naughty, an immature girl, a happy soul who is moving here and there, jumping with joy, which itself is a wrong concept. Any good character is the real hero or heroine be it Mother or Some other person of substance”



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