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FIFA WORLD CUP Jobs of 10,000 Pakistanis in Danger

KARACHI: The Jobs of 10,000 Pakistani workers are in danger because of a defer in clinical trials of a privately owned business in front of FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Private News covered on Thursday.

10,000 Pakistani workers were confronting inconveniences in withdrawing for Qatar because of postponed clinical trials in front of FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar, as a confidential firm was not giving arrangements to them in spite of the issuance of visa numbers, as per Pakistan Abroad Business Advertisers Affiliation (POEPA).

After the turn of events, the work quantity of Pakistani workers were being moved to different nations including India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The POEPA VP Muhammad Adnan Paracha engaged the central government to mediate regarding this situation and recommended the specialists quickly contact the Qatar government to facilitate the course of clinical trials for Pakistanis.

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He said that more than 10,000 Pakistani labourers were waiting to depart for Qatar ahead of FIFA World Cup, however, the private firm was not fixing appointments for the nationals for medical tests.

It was learnt that the private firm fixed the medical appointments in January, whereas, the football tournament will be held in November which will result in shifting of job quota to other countries.

Paracha said that two recognised centres of Pakistan and Qatar were located in Karachi and Islamabad where 300 medical tests were being conducted on a daily basis which should be increased to 700 to 800.

He added that the urgent medical fee was also increased from Rs4,860 to Rs7,450 but appointments were not being given.



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