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As Soon As The Anthem Of PSL 8 Came, The Fans Remembered ‘Naseebo Lal’

Pakistan Super League 8 Anthem 

The official song of Pakistan Super League 8 ‘Sab Sitaray Hamaray’ was released on the night of 11th February, sung by singers Asim Azhar, Shae Gill Faris Shafi and Abdullah Siddiqui.

This PSL anthem also faced mixed reactions on social media like last 4 years.

This year too, as soon as the PSL song came out, fans started remembering Ali Zafar, but this time not only Ali Zafar, but social media users also remembered singer Naseebo Lal.

Naseebo Lal sang the PSL Season 6 song ‘Groove Meera‘ along with Young Stunners Aima Baig, which was criticized by people as soon as it came out.

However, the surprising thing is that many people who criticized ‘Groove Meera’ are now praising it.

Social Media Users React To PSL Anthem

A user wrote that ‘Groove Meera‘ was better than the recently released anthem.

On the other hand, many users rated singer Ali Zafar’s songs from the first three seasons of PSL as the best.

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