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False propaganda against MG Motors is prohibited under the SHC

The Sindh High Court barred media outlets, networks, and YouTube channels from making any unfounded charges or misleading propaganda against MG Motors while hearing the petitions.

MG Motors’ lawyer, Behzad Haider Advocate, told the court that the company has been subjected to false social media promotion.

Following a consideration of the motion, the court ordered the “three accused” to refrain from bringing any more false claims against MG Motors.

Meanwhile, MG Motors executives expressed their appreciation to all of their customers who trusted and picked MG Motors vehicles.

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They explained that, like all other automobile manufacturers, MG Motors is experiencing an ECU chip scarcity.

MG Motors, on the other hand, thanks all of its clients for their patience in waiting for MG Motors automobiles to arrive, and says it is committed to delivering all of its vehicles in the best possible way.

Consumers should not be under the impression that MG Motors would not keep its commitments, according to MG Motors officials.

The firm is dedicated to providing high-quality and safe automobiles to all Pakistani clients.

It should be noted that MG Motors is the first business in Pakistan to introduce electric vehicles in the “B” category sector, as well as a comprehensive selection of hybrid vehicles that provide consumers with a high-quality, low-cost mode of transportation.

MG Motors officials went on to say that at this time, the company’s vision and purpose were solely focused on introducing export-quality automobiles to Pakistan that not only selected contemporary technology but also ensured a high level of safety.



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