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Fakhr e Alam Questioned K Electric Over Surprising Electricity Bill

Fakhr-e Alam Questioned K Electric

Pakistan’s famous singer and actor Fakhr e Alam Questioned K Electric Over Surprising Electricity Bill.

Fakhr e Alam tweeted:

So the bill by K Electric on the left is the one I received.

The bill on the right is same period, same units and the difference is only Pkr 10,000/- One bill is averaging PKR 500 per unit and the other is PKR 50 per unit.

I mean someone please explain to me how this adds up??

What I would really appreciate is if K Electric would share a breakdown of per unit cost of this bill. Just a basic calculation they could do here, he added on another tweet.

Over this Issue K electric respond to Fakhr e Alam:

Breakdown of the bill is mentioned on the back for reviewing convenience.

Further detailed information are available in the relevant SROs (1005(1)/2022 and 1424(1)/2022) for FCA against which you have been charged.

Fakhr e Alam response was equally positive while taking care of K Electric’s future move:

Thank you for sharing.

Also I am told that FCA is reversed adjusted as well.

So when fuel get cheaper consumer is suppose to get benefit of that.

Let’s see if that is done in the future on past bills.

Will share more from K Electric adventures.


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