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Exporters of Pakistani dates held interactive sessions

KARACHI: Pakistan’s top dates exporters and processors took part in a live session in Jakarta on October 6, 2021, organised by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and the Trade and Investment Wing, according to a statement released on Monday.

Muhammad Hassan, Pakistan’s ambassador to Indonesia, Fouzia P Chaudhry, Indonesia’s Minister for Trade and Investment, and 12 prominent date and fruit importers joined the virtual interactive session.

Indonesia is the world’s fifth largest importer of dates and the ambassador of Pakistan to Indonesia urged both countries to work together to promote Pakistan’s dates and to establish effective and sustainable trade ties.

The Jakarta minister gave a presentation to provide basic guidelines to the Pakistani exporters about the dates’ market in Indonesia.

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To attract the Indonesian buyers for import from Pakistan, TDAP product officer of dates, Mir Mohsin Bullo, at the session underlined the important features of Pakistani dates to the participants.

The Indonesian importers were very much interested in Pakistani dates and towards the end of the session, participants from both sides shared contact details for future talks and trade relations.

In another event on the same day, the TDAP collaborated with the Commercial Section, Warsaw, Poland to arrange virtual B2B meetings between leading dates importers of Poland and top five prominent dates exporting companies from Pakistan.

The meeting was held by the efforts of the Trade and Investment Counsellor, Warsaw, Muhammad Zahid. Poland’s prominent importers, Helio S A, Bakalland S A and Makar Bakalie also attended the meeting. These companies account for around 70 per cent of the Polish dates’ market.

During the meeting, the counsellor gave Pakistani exporters essential guidance regarding the Polish dates market.

The TDAP official underlined the important features of the Pakistani date to the Polish participants to attract them for imports.

The Polish companies expressed interest to import Pakistani dates, as they expected high demand for the commodity in Poland in the future.



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