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Eighteen, works with Oracle to elevate customer experience and modernize business operations

Eighteen years, the $2 billion real estate development, aimed at living a world-class luxury life in Islamabad, has come alive with the Oracle Fusion Cloud application suite. With a complete and integrated suite of applications to seamlessly manage your sales, financial, planning, HR and supply chain processes, increase productivity, improve control, reduce costs, and provide business insights. Has been successful in increasing. Provide personalized customer experiences.

Spread over 2.7 million square yards in the hills of Islamabad, 18 is a mixed-use development project that includes villas and apartments, a shopping center, a business complex and a five-star hotel, and is the largest private sector. Is an investment. In its mission to create Pakistan State International Luxury Living Standards and provide quality experiences to customers, Athar needs an integrated set of business applications that automate its tasks and refresh to make timely decisions. Provide the latest information. To achieve these goals, 18 Oracle Fusion Cloud applications were selected and implemented.

“This is an extensive project that requires close alignment between all business processes including finance, supply chain, HR, operations, and customer service. We needed a secure, easy-to-use suite of applications that would enable our teams to gain intuitive, real-time access to data and be able to support management in making timely decisions,” said Tarek Hamdy, CEO, Eighteen. “The primary factor for choosing Oracle was that we wanted minimal customization and robust scalability for reporting and analytics. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications helped us improve operational efficiency in a big way.”

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To help ensure efficient business operations, Eighteen decided to standardize its front and back-office processes on a single platform which includes Oracle Fusion Cloud Advertising & Customer Experience (CX), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing (SCM), and Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). The company also deployed its payroll application on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provide a single, integrated platform for its senior management and employees.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications deliver a modern user experience and give organizations the ability to embrace the benefits of built-in analytics and artificial intelligence to better manage their business,” said Ahmed Sarwar, head of applications, Oracle South Asia Growth Economies. “With Oracle’s innovation and updates, Eighteen can take advantage of the lastest innovations in the cloud to help its management team make timely and informed decisions, which is critical to succeed in an extremely competitive market.”



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