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EFP recognises foodpanda as a leader in women’s empowerment

foodpanda, one of the leading q-commerce and delivery companies in the country, has been recognised by the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) as one of the ‘top 10’ organisations in the country facilitating women’s empowerment through its business.

The prestigious recognition comes as a part of EFP’s research across 250 organisations that practise and enable women’s empowerment. The research aimed to understand the different ways in which companies have introduced inclusive policy reforms to boost female entrepreneurship. The research also assisted in shaping EFP’s National Publication on Women Empowerment, with 10 Best Business Case Studies picked from the 250 enterprises, including foodpanda.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer foodpanda, Muntaqa Peracha commented on the achievement, “It makes us extremely proud to be in a position to empower so many women around the country to create their own opportunities. The women through the foodpanda business are challenging stereotypes and making powerful strides in the business world as exceptional role models and the future is full of promise. We are committed to advancing the agenda of empowering our female stakeholders at all levels by providing sustainable livelihood earning opportunities through our platform.”

In collaboration with the International Labour Organisation, EFP launched a campaign on women’s empowerment with funding from the Japanese government’s PSR/STRIDE Project. Designed to boost women’s inclusion in the workplace through enterprise-level policy recommendations and entrepreneurship, the campaign aims to carve the path towards an equal tomorrow.



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