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Easypaisa Partners with Barwaqt to Digitize Financial Services

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital payments platform has partnered with Barwaqt, an evolving instant loan disbursal service. Through this partnership, Barwaqt’s loan collection and disbursement processes will be digitized through Easypaisa’s best-in-class financial solutions. This partnership is the latest in a series of seamless integrations done by Easypaisa through its open API platform.

Barwaqt is an online loan application, where users can obtain fast, safe, low-interest loans, and can choose a variety of payment methods and withdraw cash. The API integration will open new channels for loan collection and disbursement to Barwaqt. At the same time, it will facilitate customers in a much more convenient manner.

Now, with Easypaisa’s Open API Gateway, the process of integrating with Pakistan’s leading digital payments platform has become simple, cost effective and time saving. Easypaisa’s partnership with Barwaqt is another step towards the company’s objective to allow people and small businesses across the country to become part of digitization.

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Commenting on the development, Shahzad Khan, Head of Channels, Easypaisa said; “Making all Pakistanis part of a formal economy is one of the most pressing challenges faced today. Digital platforms such as Easypaisa are well suited to enable a digital, cashless ecosystem through technology and collaboration. Our partnership with Barwaqt is another step towards solidifying the foundation for a digital ecosystem through innovative tools and channels that would benefit everyone.”

Mr. Derek Li, Chairman of Barwaqt, said: “We are committed to enable digitalization of financial activities to improve financial inclusion in Pakistan, especially for the unbanked segment. Partnering with Easypaisa for disbursement & collection of instant digital loans is a significant milestone achieved.”

Easypaisa’s API Gateway is an industry-first tool that allows seamless integration of the digital payments platform with businesses exploring digital payment options.



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