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During the ICC T20 World Cup, 70% of spectators are permitted.

The organizers have said that 70% of spectators would be permitted during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. However, conditions in Oman, where the preliminary rounds are due to take place, are still being investigated following a storm.

Tropical Cyclone Shaheen wreaked havoc on Oman’s coasts, including the capital city of Muscat, only a week before the preliminary matches get off on October 10.

Despite the storm flooding streets in Muscat, causing evacuations from coastal regions, and delaying flights in and out of the country, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced in a statement on Sunday that 3,000 fans will be accommodated at Al Amerat stadium in Muscat.

The 16-team tournament was shifted to the Gulf nations owing to an epidemic of COVID-19 in India, although the event is still being hosted by the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI).

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According to the ICC, the BCCI and the ICC collaborated closely with the host authorities to ensure that fans are welcomed in a secure atmosphere and that COVID-19 regulations are adhered to at all venues.

The ICC stated, “The T20 World Cup is the greatest sporting event to be conducted in the area, and it will be the largest global cricket event with spectators in stadia since the epidemic.”

“All stadiums in the UAE will be running at around 70% of full seating capacity, while Abu Dhabi has added new socially separated ‘pods’ with a maximum of four fans on their east and west grass mounds,” it stated.

The other two sites in the UAE are Dubai and Sharjah, which will host matches including the final on Nov. 14.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is presently being held in the UAE with a decreased capacity of spectators.



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