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In 1951 Donation Drive In America to Buy Wheat For India

Donation Drive To Buy Wheat

(1951) Picture of a donation Drive In America to Buy Wheat For India. Today, India Is Net Exporter Of Wheat and Price of Wheat Flour ( Atta ) Is Stable at 35 Rs.

Pakistan wheat Crisis

Currently, Pakistan is experiencing one of the greatest food crises in recent memory. According to local media sources, there is a scarcity of wheat grain in several sections of the country. In several areas, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and Balochistan provinces, where the current prices are as high as PKR 3,000 per bag (1 Pakistani Rupee equals 0.36 Indian Rupee), there has been a severe scarcity of wheat flour since last week.

Social media sites have seen a number of videos of individuals clashing over wheat bags and agitating for food in the streets. To prevent conflicts with recipients, armed guards may be seen accompanying tiny trucks filled with wheat and flour.

Zamarak Achakzai, one of the ministers in the Balochistan province, has said that the food crisis in his province might worsen further in the coming weeks

People have pleaded with the government to step in and reduce inflation and have accused the food department and wheat mills of complete mismanagement.

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