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Dawaai’s Lack of Business Ethics, Behaviour is Holding Back Pakistani Healthcare

Dawaai’s Lack of Business Ethics: How Their Pathetic Behaviour is Holding Back Pakistani Healthcare


It is disappointing to see a Pakistani Med Tech company, Dawaai, resorting to pathetic behavior that has shamed many people. The company’s actions have prompted some individuals to question why such companies exist if they cannot run their businesses.

Fake Startup

Dawaai has been accused of being a fake startup by some people questioning the company’s business model. It is unclear whether the company has a solid business plan. Still, its recent behavior has left many people skeptical of its operations.


Surprisingly, investors and angel investors in the US, Canada, and the UK would invest in Dawaai without clearly understanding how the company is run. This oversight could contribute to the company’s poor performance and pathetic behavior.

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Stop the Madness

The madness has to stop, and the people running these companies must be held accountable for their actions. They must ensure that they run their businesses ethically and provide quality services to their clients.


It is often said that karma will catch up with individuals who engage in unethical behavior. The people responsible for Dawaai’s actions should be aware that their actions have consequences and will have to answer for them eventually.

Fear of Allah

It is essential for people running companies such as Dawaai to have some fear of Allah and ensure that they do not play with the emotions of middle-class working people. They should be guided by Islamic principles and operate their businesses ethically.


The behavior of Dawaai has left many people ashamed and questioning the need for such companies. Investors and angel investors must exercise due diligence before investing in companies, especially those in Pakistan, to ensure that they operate ethically. People running companies must be held accountable for their actions, and Islamic principles should guide them.



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