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Completion of the Manora Beach Promenade Nears

KARACHI: On Thursday, Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab took to Twitter to post photos of the promenade being created at Manora Beach in Karachi.

“The Sindh government’s Manora Beach Front Promenade is nearly finished,” Wahab, who is also the province government’s spokesperson, tweeted on his official Twitter account.

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“This will be the first of its sort in Karachi, and it will be a significant draw for beach enthusiasts,” he added.

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Today, the administrator went to Manora Beach to check on the building progress.

Murtaza Wahab stated in August that a promenade will be built at Beach.

After construction of Sandspit & Mauripur Road by Sindh government, it only takes 20 minutes now to reach the beach from Tower. We are now developing a promenade/water front at Beach for the benefit of citizens. Work is almost complete & will be opened soon,” he had tweeted.



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